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Welcome to Red Line Marine Liquidators, Inc


We will always be forthcoming about the condition of boats, Digital cameras can make any boat look good, wasting a lot of people's time. We will always present the boat as she is and disclose any known problems.              


We sell super clean late model boats, Most of our boats are dealer trade ins on new boats or boats we took in on trade on one of our boats, we don't buy/sell repos or damaged boats. There are some brokerage boats as well, all boats represented by Red Line Marine Liquidators have been qualified as sound clean vessels or we wouldn't have anything to do with it. 

Our business is all about repeat customers and referrals that only happens when people are happy long after the money chang            

~Having over 30 years of experience working on boats gives me the ability to know the difference between a sound vessel and a problematic boat.~





Moving up or moving down we will get you into your next boat priced so agressively youthe boat for 2 years and then we will sell her for what you paid for her! We only buy and sell super clean late model boats, no repos EVER, we can get you a loan, arrange 3rd party inspections, transport to anywhere in the world, take your current boat in on trade or what ever you need, all we ask is please be serious and really ready to make a

purchase now. At our prices and the condition of what we buy and sell they really don't last very long. 


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"I know by doing the right thing every day my business is here to stay." -Charlie Abruzzo

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PO Box 327
Oceanport, NJ 07757
Telephone: 732-222-1844
Fax: 732-909-2277